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david mckeown

 We recently caught up with Bloggers 2 Born 2 Travel after hearing about their current journey, where they’re walking the whole of the South West Coast Path. Below we speak to George about why they’ve decided to do it and how they are getting on.

Why did you decide to do the walk?

Having come back from Asia following news a family member was ill, we were on the lookout for our next challenge. We had read about the South West Coastal Path and liked the look of it, all 630 miles of it!  When we had more information about the seriousness of the illness of the family member we’d come home for, we decided that we wanted to raise money for her and that the coastal path seemed like the perfect challenge to warrant people making donations. Having decided where and when we were going to start the walk, we thought that if we are going to walk the whole South West Coastal Path lets document our travels so people can follow the journey and  then produce an eBook at the end to help others wishing to do the same path.

That’s a really great idea with a great reason behind it too. What has been the toughest part so far?

So far, and we have only made it 123 miles to Bude, by far the hardest part is the Hartland Quay to Bude stretch. It’s not the overall miles that kill the legs, it’s the up and down hills every 20 minutes. When we say hills, these are not your average hills, these ascents and descents are enough to make you cry they are so hard. Having said that, the sheer beauty of this stretch makes all the pain worth while. It has to be said though the tough parts along our journey so far are the most beautiful, while the easy walks can be very dull.

There must have been some amazing views and spectacular scenery along the way though. What was the most beautiful spot so far?

That’s a hard question to answer, as if you love coastal views then these are all beautiful. If I had to choose, and we’ve only completed 123 miles of the 630 miles of the coastal path, I would have to say Hartland Point to Hartland Quay. This 3 mile stretch gives you everything from a lighthouse to drastic cliff edges to waterfalls, just stunning! As it was a lovely clear day you could see for miles and the sea was just so blue it was hard to remember we in England and not the Med.

As we thought it was a really good thing that you are doing, we offered you a free stay in one of our dog friendly Waggy Tails cottages. How did you enjoy stay?

We really enjoyed the cottage and so did Marley, as we first entered the cottage it was Marley that lead us to each room to show us round, he was very pleased. We found that the cottage contained everything that you need for a stay, from fully kitted out kitchen, warm cosy beds and relaxing sitting room with entertainment. We enjoyed how it felt like a home from home which put the little man at ease and he fell asleep straight away that evening.

 How is Marley getting on with his little legs? 

When Marley started this challenge he wasn’t very used to doing lots of walking each day. In fact the first few days into it we were only managing 3/4 miles a day and the heat that weekend really effected him meaning he couldn’t go out in the sun after midday until it cooled again.

Now, he’s like a pro weather conditions permitting he can happily complete a day of 8 miles and still have fuel left in the tank. He does however get a rest day every 3rd day to let the muscles and feet have a rest.

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