Our Green Vision for 2018: Less Plastic, Less Waste, Lower Impact

Green Vision for 2018

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david mckeown

david mckeown

Plastic Waste Reduction at Croyde Bay

We have a greener vision for 2018 and beyond by looking into how we can contribute to a cleaner environment, starting with the amount of packaging and avoidable plastic waste that is both used on and brought onto the premises. Working with our suppliers, we are reducing the amount of unnecessary waste that we accumulate on a day-to-day basis.

Whether it is an instant visible impact, by not selling plastic drinks bottles in our shops, or changing over to Vegware, a completely compostable packaging for takeaway products, to more subtle changes like using biodegradable cleaning products, or giving staff their own personal flasks to cut out on disposable cups, we are working hard both in front and behind the scenes.

Below is a list of we are aiming to remove and replace with more environmentally friendly alternatives across the Resort.

  • Plastic Carrier Bags – replaced with paper & long life bags
  • Plastic Drinks Bottles – replaced with glass or cans
  • Plastic Bin Liners – majority use of vegware biodegradable bags
  • Takeaway Staff Drinks Cups – Long life mugs purchased for all staff
  • Takeaway Customer Cups – Discount given if you bring your own cup
  • Takeaway Food Containers – Biodegradable
  • Plastic Sauce Bottles – Refillable bottles or pots
  • Plastic Straws – Biodegradable alternative

We have already reduced the amount of paperwork we produce by 80% by using Electronic Display Screens around the site, as well as doing all marketing electronically and via our website.

We also use a waste contractor that separates and recycles all our waste wherever possible as well as having separate food waste collections.

This is just the start of it, as we work with our suppliers, and as the world adapts to be more environmentally friend, we will endeavour to do more wherever we can.

Dean Parrish

Green Coordinator

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