Is Self-Catering Accommodation Safe?


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david mckeown

david mckeown

 As you know, the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the industry has been given the go-ahead by the government to open, we understand that there is likely to be a feeling of hesitation. For those who prefer to remain cautious when booking their first post-COVID holiday, self-catering accommodation may just be the perfect first step back into life as it once was.

So… how safe is self-catering accommodation? First, let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing a self-catering staycation.

The Benefits of choosing a self-catering staycation 

  • Holiday isolation: Even with restrictions being lifted, we must remain cautious and ensure social distancing and other preventative and safety measures are followed. Choosing a self-catering staycation is the perfect way to limit your interaction with others and create a safe and relaxing space away from home.
  • Avoid flying and busy transport systems: Opting for a local and/or drivable self-catering holiday is the perfect solution for avoiding busy transport systems where social distancing and hygiene can be tricky. Skip the fuss and travel down in your own time.
  • Comfort: You’re in a familiar country with no language barriers, you know the healthcare system should you need it and its overall less stressful to plan, giving you more time to relax and enjoy yourself as well as easily get back home for any reason if necessary.
  • Save on the hassle and cost of flying: The biggest cost of going away is often the flights and car hire if going abroad. Opting for a self-catered staycation means no costly flights or baggage charges and you can enjoy saving some money eating and drinking in your spacious lodge or cottage. If you wish, there is still the option to treat yourself and dine out locally (takeaway or eat indoor/outdoor).
  • Reconnect and Appreciate: Last year we saw record numbers of US, Dutch and Chinese visitors and It’s often easy to miss what’s right on your doorstep, choosing a staycation gives you the opportunity to experience some of the UK’s most beautiful spots (see the Beach & Nearby section on our website), reconnect and spend time with friends, loved ones or family, enjoying some well-earned downtime.


Safe Staycations at Croyde Bay

The benefits of self-catering accommodation and a self-catering holiday are clear, but the big question, is it safe? Here at Croyde Bay Resort, our answer is it’s as safe as we can possibly make it. Our standards were already at industry highs and we have taken this to a new level with extra procedures and processes.

We have introduced the following measures to protect our guests, based on our COVID-19 “Return to Workplace” risk assessment and the suggestions in the Government’s guidance on returning to a range of different types of work.

• Installing additional handwashing facilities/hand sanitisers, including at entrances and exits
• Cleaning work areas and equipment frequently
• Restricting the number of customers allowed in at any one time. Bearing in mind the space available and the need to maintain social distancing
• Introducing other infection-control measures for customers, such as contactless-only payments and screens or barriers to separate workers from customers
• Allowing for non-contact deliveries, for example via pick-up and drop-off points
• Having floor markings to help guests to maintain social distancing
• Installing screens or barriers to separate workers and guests from each other
• Introducing one-way systems to reduce instances of having to pass each other in close proximity
• Full deep clean of every cottage, lodge and hotel room between visits adhering to stringent checklists and government advice

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all guests and staff on the resort, which is why we have additional and stricter process in place to make sure you can have the best possible experience on your break. A self-catered staycation is arguably one of the safest options at this time when considering your first holiday and a fantastic way to support the hospitality industry. Find out more about our packages and offers, or contact our team today to find out more about our self-catering options.

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